Teaming and Leadership for a Complex World

The Purpose of The Flow System

Achieving a state of flow occurs when organizations/institutions produce outcomes in which their constraints (e.g., structure, processes, environmental effects) are shaped in a way that enable employees to concentrate on their own interactions among one another and the customer. Flow ultimately results in employees concentrating on the act of doing rather than combatting or succumbing to organizational friction.

A Brief History and Description

The Flow System™ has evolved from the emergence of product delivery in non-linear environments, also known as complex environments or complexity. It has expanded upon the work done between 1948 and 1975 on the Toyota Production System (TPS is also known as Lean), and the Toyota Way, first published in 2001 by Toyota. The Flow System™ is the evolution of lean thinking that we call flow thinking.

The Flow System™ consists of 3 core principles.

  • 1. Customer 1st.

  • 2. The FLOW of value.

  • 3. The Triple Helix of Flow™.

    • a. Complexity Thinking

    • b. Distributed Leadership

    • c. Team Science

 The Flow System Team

Brian "Ponch" Rivera

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Former TOPGUN. Speaker. Trainer and Coach. AGLX Founder and CEO. Commander, U.S. Navy Reserve 

Nigel Thurlow 

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Executive Director. Chief of Agile Toyota Connected. Trainer. Lean and Agile Expert.

John Turner, Ph.D.

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Assistant professor at the University of North Texas for the Department of Learning Technologies in the College of Information.

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