All companies are technology companies.


Since the first programmable computers were invented during World War II there have been more than 32 doublings of performance. We are now on the second half of the chessboard.


Startups and established technology leaders are aware of how the furious pace of technological adoption and innovation is shortening the lifecycles of products and companies. Add in shifting demographics, a global war for talent, shifting access to capital, increasing task and vendor interdependencies, savvy customers, and increased competition, technology companies are operating in a VUCA environment. And all companies are technology companies.  

Break away from the herd. Contact AGLX to learn more about our solutions that target 70% of the success factors behind effective teams, winning products, and successful project completion.

Agile Frameworks and Methodologies are Necessary but not Sufficient for Change

Research data from Google, The Standish Group, and Human Capital Institute suggest that today’s Agile frameworks and methodologies account for less than 30% of the success factors behind effective teams, winning products, and successful project completion. Although necessary, Agile frameworks and methodologies ultimately leave organizational change to chance.


Humans are the Gating Factor

In this age of Agile, smart technology leaders are discovering what High-Reliability Organizations have known for years: Human factors (teaming) skills must be taught, practiced, and reinforced at all levels of an organization, regardless of an individual’s level of technical aptitude and educational background. Resilience, innovation, and agility are outcomes of building networks of high-performing teams, not the outcomes of adopting frameworks or methodologies.  


By shifting training and coaching efforts from frameworks and methodologies to teaming and critical thinking skills, AGLX clients gain a competitive advantage through leveraging our low-cost, Evidence-Based Solutions that target 70% of what actually creates organizational agility. 

Agility is an External Measure: Explore Customer and Organizational Culture Hidden Truths 

Traditional surveys, questionnaires, and focus groups are subject to cognitive bias—a real danger for assessing customers’ needs and measuring service or product effectiveness. AGLX helps clients see the world from the eyes of others, using a patented method that leverages the power of technology to capture the meaning behind micro-narratives: SenseMaker®.


SenseMaker® is an advanced platform for measuring organizational culture and employee engagement. Through periodical narrative scans, organizational leaders will be exposed to the hidden truths behind the health of the organization and gain the dispositional information they need to modulate the system.


Make Sense of Your Changing Environment 

Using the Cynefin framework, AGLX helps digital leaders understand the nature of their environment and how to respond to changing contexts. This approach helps leaders identify where they should use manufacturing approaches, where checklists are appropriate, where to apply group tools and team frameworks, how and why they should apply constraints, and how to innovate using parallel safe-to-fail experiments using Scrum. Moreover, with Cynefin, AGLX coaches help our clients make sense of which Agile and Lean frameworks are necessary and which ones they should quickly abandon.


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