Improve the flow of knowledge and information in your organization with this high energy, experiential learning team building event.

PLANKS Team Building Event

Our PLANKS team building event is ideal for your next corporate offsite, town hall meeting, or leadership strategy session.


Min Time: 140 Mins

Min Participants: 25

Max Participants: 100

Value beyond what I expected.”


- Executive, Household Products Company

Yes, it's Fun

But, more importantly, PLANKS participants will come away with an improved awareness of the soft skills like communications, etc., etc., so critical and that ultimately determine success or failure of projects or organizations and help: 

  • Satisfy the Customer

  • Improve Employee Engagement

  • Create Individually Satisfied Employees

  • Accelerate Organizational Change

  • Develop Organizational Resilience & Agility

  • Improve Safety

  • Reduce Stress

Facilitated by former TOPGUNs and other elite military leaders,

Using different components of The Flow System, this workshop is tailorable to meet your teaming and leadership needs. From Lean manufacturing to Agile software development, and Operational Excellence to Business Relationship Management, our global clients have used this team building workshop to help them

Develop Team Critical Thinking Skills

Improve Daily Scrums and Meetings

Mitigate Cognitive Biases Using Red Teaming Techniques

Improve Commutation Skills

Build Situational Awareness

Improve Business Relationship Management Skills

Measure Team Performance

Develop Distributed Leadership skills

Learn How to Capture Customer Feedback

View their Customer as a Member of the Team

Learn How to Foster Psychological Safety

Build Bonds and Trust That Create a Networked Organization

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