SenseMaker® Scans

Help Decision Makers Move Rapidly from Research to Action

When it comes to assessing organizational culture, identifying leading indicators to safety or cyber incidents, or understanding your customer’s needs, assessments, questionnaires, and surveys are subject to cognitive bias and survey fatigue.

Turning to big data is an attractive solution to these traditional measurement challenges, but, in the end, the countless quantitative touchpoints big data provide only answer the “What” and “How.”

Big Data cannot tell us “Why” our customers or employees act the way they do — leaving decision makers with only half a picture.

Get to "Why" with SenseMaker®

Leveraging recent advances in cognitive science and technology, SenseMaker® Scans help decision makers see the full picture — enabling them to move rapidly from research to action.


- Assess organizational culture
- Link culture to outcomes
- Measure employee engagement
- Detect leading indicators (cyber and safety)
- Reveal what customers really want (patient safety, new product development) 


Getting to “Why” requires problems to be reframed and biases removed. We must see the world through the eyes of employees, stakeholders, and customers directly. How is this possible? Simple: Ask them to tell you a story and have them signify what they mean.

Why Stories?

Stories (narratives) are the fundamental pattern and device of how we understand our complex world. Stories have descriptive power and allow issues to be raised that are not readily apparent, known, or may have been misinterpreted. Stories, and more specifically micro-narratives, are a fundamental and ancient way by which humans interpret their experience and make decisions. 

Removing Bias through Self-signification

Instead of having experts or facilitators put meaning to a story, respondents are asked to interpret their own story using a series of “signifiers” that feel more like a game than a survey.

SenseMaker® Scans enable organizations to capture and understand those narratives. Founded in complex adaptive systems theory, cognitive science, narrative, and anthropology, SenseMaker® Scans provide a natural and intuitive approach to gaining multiple perspectives and new insights into complex problems.

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