#TheGouge: What is Human Factors? with Gareth Lock

Gareth helps us understand human factors and explains there’s more to it than many realize.

Hey, welcome back to #TheGouge with Ponch and Cujo. I’m Ponch and today we’re talking about human factors with Gareth Lock. Gareth, what are human factors?

So, human factors is the consideration of how people operate within a system. And that’s their performance and their well-being. A lot of people think that human factors or ergonomics is just about how I pick up this phone and how I use it and interact with it. That sort of human/machine interface, that is only one part of it. It’s almost been described as this onion model. Where we start with the individual right at the center and we talk about their interaction with the environment, with other people, with culture, with legislature, and their total physical environment. And if we just pick a little bit of that, we don’t fix the system problems that we end up encountering all the time. So, human factors is that understanding of basically taking a slice right down through the middle of the onion rather than saying, well, I’m going to pick a layer and fix the layer that goes on. So, if we don’t fix the whole slice, we don’t actually solve the problems we’re encountering. So, human factors is, in effect, human in the system.

Easy, that’s easy to understand. And folks, that’s the gouge on human factors. Thank you, Gareth.


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