#TheGouge: What is DevOps? with Jabe Bloom

Jabe drops some expert DevOps knowledge.

Welcome back to #TheGouge with Ponch and Cujo. I'm Cujo, and today I’m here with Jabe Bloom, and he’s going to give us the gouge on DevOps.

So, DevOps is a really interesting movement because it’s a transitionary movement that was caused, or brought about, by a specific kind of way that Agile worked. The reason it came about is because Agile became good enough in delivering software, fast enough, that the cycle time of deployment got greater than the cycle time of production. And that moment caused CIOs and CTOs to start hearing complaints that moved, that sounded like, the developers are building buggy, slow software to the operators can’t deploy the software fast enough.

So, it’s a transitionary movement because it’s only about sort of equalizing these two cycle times. And, therefore, we get a heavy focus, in a lot of ways, on things like continuous deployment, continuous integration, right now. The interesting part about it is that during that, several other themes come up, including socio-technical systems theory, in which people start to notice the interaction and relationships between people and machines. And the importance of understanding safe-to-fail experiments, because, those relationships are not able to be completed de-risked. They have a human element to it. And therefore, operators have started becoming more and more concerned with understanding how to be resilient in situations of failure.

So, the newer parts of DevOps. The parts that are coming online right now, have to do with moving from very long cycle times to such short cycle times of deployment, that the interaction between the human and the machine comes to the forefront and, then, the social systems of how do you deal with failure and modulating the social systems to really get good teamwork with the machines has become really critical. So, DevOps in 60 seconds.

Awesome. Thank you very much. And, ladies and gentlemen, that’s the gouge on DevOps.


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