#TheGouge: Weak Signal Detection with Dave Snowden

Dave emphasizes the importance of finding people who are thinking differently.

Hey, welcome back to #TheGouge with Ponch and Cujo. I’m Ponch and today we’re talking about weak signal detection. Dave Snowden, what is weak signal detection?

It’s being able to spot things with the benefit of hindsight. Which should have paid attention to earlier. I’ll give you a very simple example. If you give a bunch of radiologists x-rays, and in one of the x-rays, you put a picture of a gorilla in plain sight, which is 48X the size of a cancer nodule, 83% won’t see it even though their eyes scan it.

That’s actually a weak signal because we’re not expecting to see it. So, some of our work, for example, is to take multiple agents to interpret data, and identify outlier customers and go and talk to them. You have to find people who are thinking differently.

And, what if we are not paying attention or noticing things. What does that mean to an organization?

You get 9-11. Or the organization is through.

And folks, that’s the gouge on weak signal detection. Thanks, Dave.


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