#TheGouge: The History of SenseMaker® with Friso Gosliga

Friso shares the origin of SenseMaker® – going all the way back to 2000!

Hey, welcome to #TheGouge with Ponch and Cujo. I'm Ponch, here with Friso, who’s going to talk to us about the history of SenseMaker®.

Ok, well SenseMaker® originated probably in thought in 2000, when we spoke to General John Poindexter about his ideas about the intelligence community having information but not connecting the information that they had. And in 2004, the government of Singapore, the intelligence agency there, they got wind of this and they started talking to Dave Snowden and they wanted a system to basically scan for weak signals in complex environments. So that’s what SenseMaker® actually became. It’s a way of getting people to interact with each other and signify what they see. So that you can see the differences in perspectives between different groups. And that is, basically, the origin of SenseMaker®.

Wow. That’s the gouge on SenseMaker®. Thanks, Friso.


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