#TheGouge: System Dynamics with Dan Walsh

Dan talks about system dynamics as an approach to reduce a complex system into complicated elements.

Hey, welcome to #TheGouge with Ponch and Cujo. I'm Ponch, and we’re looking at system dynamics today. Dan, what is system dynamics?

Yeah, so, I think system dynamics is an attempt to create a model for a complex system. It talks about stocks and flows, some of the early pioneers – folks like Forrester, Senge, if anyone’s read the "Fifth Discipline," talks a little bit about system dynamics. But it’s this idea of a chicken and egg cycle, if you will, right, feedback loops, developing a flywheel, so one thing reinforces another. Perhaps it’s a balancing act – that a certain action balances, has a counter effect. So, in thinking about a complex system, you’re reducing it to complicated elements. And you can turn these system dynamics models into flight simulators or games to help you kind of get some intuition for the underlying mechanics, if you will, of the system that you’re operating.

Well, cool. I appreciate that on system dynamics. And that’s the gouge.


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