#TheGouge: Metaphor as a Tool to Communicate Complexity with Sonja Blignaut

Sonja shares one of her favorite metaphors to help communicate complexity to organizations and decision makers.

Hey, welcome to #TheGouge with Ponch and Cujo. I'm Ponch, and today we’re talking about Metaphor with Sonja Blignaut. Sonja, what is metaphor?

I like to think of metaphor as a scaffold of mind. So, it’s really useful to help people connect complex new ideas to something that’s already known. So, it’s building a bridge. It sort of helps us perceive new things. It relates to what’s known. I’ll give you an example. One of my favorite metaphors is, especially when I try and communicate complexity to decision makers and to organizations and development people: It’s hard to survive in the jungle if all you’ve ever known is the zoo. And I think what I see people do is we try to respond to a jungle, it’s very uncertain, it’s very unpredictable, from a structure that’s like a zoo. And, it’s a very different mindset. It’s virtually impossible.

Well that’s easy to understand. So, folks, that’s the gouge with Sonja. See you next time.


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