Places teams in a safe-to-fail simulated space expedition where participants must work collaboratively to anticipate and react to changing environments. 

Leadership and Teamwork Simulation-Based Training 

The Human Factor

Simulation training is the most effective way to develop teaming skills – the transportable non-technical or soft skills that rapidly turn a team of experts into an expert team.


"I watched some members of two of my Scrum teams evolve right before my eyes while completing the simulated exercise."

Pam Dukes, Former Olympian and Agile Coach

Toyota Connected

Teamwork Simulation: Experiential Learning

In teams of four to six, participants work together on multiple spaceflight missions under conditions of uncertainty and stress while AGLX expert facilitators observe team members’ interactions. At the conclusion of the simulation, participants are guided through a structured debrief where critical teaming skills such as communication, effective planning, decision making, situational awareness, and leadership are discussed. For maximum impact, the simulation is typically delivered as part of AGLX's High-Performance Teaming™ Workshop

Business failures, cyber incidents, failed products, software outages, and serious incidents do not usually occur because the people involved lacked technical skills. As the operating environment becomes more dynamic and uncertain, leaders are recognizing that the vital factors behind the majority of failed outcomes are non-technical in nature. 


As more organizations turn to teams and teamwork to solve complex problems, closing this non-technical skills gap is an organizational imperative.


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