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The furious pace of technological adoption and innovation is shortening the lifecycles of products and companies. Add in shifting demographics, a global war for talent, shifting access to capital, increasing task and vendor interdependencies, savvy customers, and increased competition, and technology companies are operating in a VUCA environment.

Operational Excellence, Agile Manufacturing - AGLX


Digital technology is upending the traditional manufacturing model. Sensors, 3-D printing, Big Data, and cyber threats are forcing manufacturers to look beyond making physical products. As products become platforms and the lines between consumers and producers blur, innovative manufacturers must look beyond Operational Excellence and Lean to keep their competitive advantage.  

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The third leading cause of death in the United States is human error. In 2015, healthcare was the most frequently attacked industry by cyber criminals. Prescription drugs costs remain high. Emerging technologies are fueling the war for talent. The pace of change and complexity in the healthcare industry is absolutely ferocious.

Human Factors in Cyber - AGLX


Create a High-Reliability IT Organization. Contact AGLX to learn how our solutions address cybersecurity’s human factor and build the networks of teams you need to get inside your attackers’ OODA loop. 

Human Resources

There is no App for the human domain. Contact AGLX to learn how human resources can leverage our solutions to create leaders, improve teaming skills, and address employee engagement. 

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