High-Performance TeamingWorkshop

Great teams don't just happen. Teaming must be learned, practiced, and reinforced at every level of an organization. Contact us to schedule an on-site workshop for your organization today!


Why This Workshop? 

Teams are an organization’s best change agent and a key mechanism for organizational learning. Yet team building activities and Agile frameworks are insufficient at building the network of teams needed to create the agility, resilience, and safety organizations need to gain and maintain a competitive advantage in today’s VUCA operating environment.


High-Performance Teaming™ by AGLX targets non-technical or soft skills—those vital few factors behind successful and failed organizational and team outcomes—by blending experiential learning activities (anthro-simulation) with interactive workshops.

Who Needs High-Performance Teaming

Anyone who wants to build a high-performing team or organization. This is an all-inclusive workshop that will deliver the teaming capacity coaches, teams, and organizations need to achieve their desired team-based outcomes. This is Teaming for Everyone, and is the class executives and professionals alike are experiencing and raving about.


Frequent job titles of past attendees include, but are not limited to: Operational Excellence Professionals, Agile Coaches, Scrum Masters, Healthcare Professionals, HR Professionals, Board Members, Product Owners, Directors, VPs, CXOs, Product Teams and First Responders.


Contact us to schedule an on-site workshop for your organization today!

What Will Participants Learn? 

Human Factors

  • Explore and experience the factors that limit organizational, team, and human performance

Complexity and Teams

  • Connect Complex Adaptive Systems thinking and the Cynefin framework to the Science of Teamwork and Leadership


  • Develop the non-technical or soft skills that are needed to turn a team of experts into an expert team

Red Teaming

  • Improve decision making and detect weak signals with applied critical thinking and groupthink mitigation tools

Improve and Measure Team Performance

  • Objectively measure team performance and enable guided self-correction and 1% team kaizen


  • Actively learn and practice skills in a safe-to-fail teamwork simulation where expert facilitators and software manipulate the environment



There are many superlatives to describe the significance of this training approach for my team, and the teams they support. I have written and spoken many times how shoving a group of talented people together does not make them a team. This week demonstrated I was right. Even some of our best teams couldn't perform well until they were taught new skills. Many surprises and much learning that my team will apply to our work in improving agility in Lean Product Development. Money and time very well spent!"

- Nigel Thurlow

Chief of Agile, Toyota Connected

This workshop showed me that real teamwork is hard."

- Software Developer

Financial Services Company

Excellent course that should be the basis of creating a business/team."

- Software Developer

Financial Services Company

The feedback given and received was crucial to improve the performance of our team. The training seemed to be customized to our team. The tools provided to improve performance were very useful and proved to be just what our team needed."

- Software Developer

Financial Services Company


Contact us to schedule an on-site workshop for your organization today!

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