People, process and technology... in that order.

Scientific management led us to believe that we live in a world of order. But the world has gone VUCA, and construction companies are waking up to their new reality: Disrupt or be disrupted.  


With 70% of construction projects delivered late and over budget, a steady decline of labor efficiency and productivity since the 1960s, and more than 800 deaths and thousands of injuries reported each year, the construction industry’s old way of working clearly isn’t working. 

Context is Everything

Current business management processes are designed to work in certain operating environments. For example, best-practice Lean solutions that address efficiency and productivity often become impediments to innovation and resiliency. Moreover, when it comes to safety, studies show that building a safety culture through compliance often stimulates superficial safety behaviors that do nothing to change culture or attitudes.

Blindly applying Lean, creating a “Checklist Culture,” adopting Agile methodologies such as Scrum, or using a stick and carrot approach to safety may be as dangerous as not doing anything at all. 


As technology continues to accelerate and demographics shift, disruptive construction companies will be those that enable and harness the collaborative nature of high-performing teams, develop leaders who understand that context determines response, and build a shared purpose around delivering customer value. Applying an engineering term to the current global environment, people are the gating factor.

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